This Map Will Help You Find EXACTLY Where You Will End Up If You Dig A Hole Straight Through Earth

There are no chances that you have had never wondered where you would end up if you start digging the earth at the exact same spot you are standing on right now.

To everyone who has (wondered!!), here is your chance to get the million-dollar question answered.

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Happens to be, there is this website that helps you find exactly where you will pop out from if you dig through the earth (theoretically) beginning at the exact place you are standing at. is the website that brings our curiosity to an end. The website simply draws a straight line from the position you are standing at and overwhelm you with a location where you would land once you have completed the digging (again, theoretically).

But!! But!! don’t get too excited for most of the time you will end up in the ocean as 70% of the earth is covered with water. So if you are able to guess the place, which when dug, will land you on the land, then you are extremely lucky.

Pretty excited ha? Get started here

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Evidently, we happen to be as excited as you are so we tried the website for ourselves. We put a few different Indian locations like Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Gujarat, etc but happens to be, no matter where you dig a hole in India’s ground you are going to end up in the ocean.

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But just in case you need a trick to land on THE land, try putting sea coordinates or the names of Chinese cities for they have antipodes in Argentina.

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