Top Corporate FDs for Senior Citizens in 2024 With High-Interest Options

Fixed deposits (FDs) have been a popular investment option for older folks and cautious investors in India for a long time. Over large profits, these investors prioritize capital protection, assured returns, and quick liquidity.

Banks, post offices, non-banking financing companies (NBFCs), and corporations all provide different features, interest rates, and perks for fixed-term deposits (FDs). FDs from corporations, in particular, sometimes have greater interest rates than FDs from banks.

Current Fixed Deposit (FD) Rates for Senior Citizens, 2024

The top five corporate fixed deposits are shown below, along with the interest rates offered to both new and existing clients as well as seniors.

1. Mahindra Finance 2024’s Most Recent FD Interest Rates

For regular clients, Mahindra Finance provides FD rates ranging from 7.4% to 8.1% annually, whereas for senior people, the rates are between 7.65% and 8.35% annually. These prices are valid for periods ranging from one to five years.

2. Muthoot Capital Latest FD Interest Rates 2024

An NBFC called Muthoot Capital provides fixed-rate debt (FD) interest rates with maturities varying from one to five years. The rates range from 7.21% to 8.38% annually for the general public and from 7.71% to 8.88% for senior people.

3. Shriram Finance Latest Fixed Deposit Rates 2024

Over a range of tenors, Shriram Finance offers competitive fixed-rate investments. Senior residents benefit from a higher rate of 8.97 percent for 5 years, while normal consumers receive an interest rate of 8.47 percent. The prices are 8.38 percent for general consumers and 8.88 percent for seniors for three years. A one-year fixed-rate bond (FD) offers 7.09 percent for regular clients and 7.59 percent for elderly citizens who are searching for short-term investments.

4. Bajaj Finance Latest FD Interest Rates 2024

Interest rates on FDs are offered by Bajaj Finance between 7.40 and 8.60 percent annually for the general public and between 7.65 and 8.85 percent annually for senior persons. These prices include periods ranging from one to five years. Bajaj Finserv FDs, also known as Bajaj Finance FDs, are available to non-resident Indian (NRI) depositors at interest rates ranging from 7.35 percent to 8.05 percent for durations of one to three years.

5. Sundaram Home Finance Latest FD Interest Rates 2024

For terms of one to five years, Sundaram Home Finance offers fixed-rate debt investments (FDs) with rates ranging from 7.45% to 7.90% for the general public and from 7.95% to 8.25% for senior persons.

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