TRAI Launched AI Spam Call Filter, How to Identify Spam Calls on WhatsApp?

Spammers have been defrauding telecom customers for a long time now. Millions of rupees have been defrauded from the innocent public via spam calls and SMS. Defrauding someone on call or through SMS is not so easy. These fraudsters target people randomly and hunt those who are not so literate in terms of modern technology. By tricking people into obtaining their sensitive information they commit identity theft, financial fraud, data theft, etc. But now you will have to worry about these spam calls and messages, as TRAI has launched a new facility.

TRAI Launched AI Spam Call Filter, How to Identify Spam Calls on WhatsApp

TRAI Launches AI-Powered Spam Calls and SMS Filters

From May 1, using AIR filters, all the calls and messages will be scanned for spam and will be blocked. TRAI, the Regulator of the Telecom sector, has regulated telecom companies to add these AI-powered filters into their system so that users can avoid becoming prey to spam calls and SMS. “The new filters will detect and block fake calls and SMS through artificial intelligence. Telecom companies such as Vodafone, Airtel, Jio and BSNL are preparing to implement these AI filters in their service to curb the increasing issue of spam calls and messages. Airtel has already announced that they will be providing AI filters to their customers, while Jio is preparing to install AI filters for fake calls and messages. Other telecom operators are expected to implement these filters by the TRAI’s deadline,” mentioned DNA India.

How to Identify Spam Calls on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has around 500 million users in India. This large user base attracts a large number of spammers to target less technophilic users to obtain their sensitive information to defraud them. So, down below are the best ways to identify spam call on WhatsApp:

Unknown Number

If a calling number is not in your contact list then there is a high probability that it is a spam call. Moreover, you will have to manually block the unknown number if you don’t want to be disturbed completely. As WhatsApp has not introduced the feature to block unknown calls or messages automatically.

Misguiding or Triggering Messages

Sometimes, you receive messages carrying links, misleading information or rumours. These types of messages will very likely spam you. But you can identify them as they carry triggering or viral messages that are shared very frequently. Furthermore, spammers extend the reach of these messages and send them to large groups or communities.

Suspicious Links

Another red flag to identify spam messages on WhatsApp is that they carry suspicious links. By clicking on these links you can accidentally open the door for spammers to look into your financial and sensitive data stored on your device.

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Permission to Login

“Genuine websites and apps generally don’t use WhatsApp for OTP verification, login requests, password recovery, and more. So if you do receive a suspicious security-related text on the platform asking for a login, it’s smarter to assume that it’s fraud. WhatsApp cannot be used for two-factor authentication (2FA),” mentioned Indian Express.

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