Travel Effortless In DMRC With QR Code-Based Ticketing System

The Delhi Metro has launched a QR code-based ticketing system for passengers of DMRC ( Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). This new service has started which allows the passengers to use QR code-based ticketing during their travel. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation stated that the new service is a great alternative to all the existing tokens and smart cards. The DMRC has also made several changes in its gates and counters. This new system has been in the trial phase for some time.

According to DMRC, each metro station currently has only two gates for entry and exit that accepts QR paper tickets. DMRC is planning to expand the gates and ticket machines that work well and it compatible with QR code paper tickets by June.

The official from DMRC also stated that – “The concept of issuing tokens will be gradually phased out with the introduction of these more transparent and human intervention free and cashless mechanisms thereby facilitating more convenient, seamless, time saving and error fee travel for its passengers.”

The Delhi Metro is also planning to launch mobile QR tickets by the end of this month. This will result in making traveling more faster, convenient, and easier as the passengers now don’t have to wait in the long queue to purchase physical tickets at the metro station.

DMRC QR Ticketing

How To Use QR Paper Ticket In Delhi Metro

  • Purchase a non-refundable QR-based Paper Ticket at the Ticket Vending Machine or Customer Care Counter at the station where you wish to begin your journey.
  • Within 60 minutes of purchasing the ticket, scan the QR code on the ticket at the entry gate. You may only enter from the station where you purchased your ticket.
  • If you do not scan the ticket within 60 minutes, the ticket is invalid and you have to purchase a new ticket.
  • When you arrive at your destination station, scan the ticket again at the departure gate.

Rules For Using QR-Based Paper Tickets In Delhi Metro

  • A QR-based Paper Ticket may only be purchased for a specific station pair, i.e., from one station to another. You must leave from the same station as your destination. If you wish to leave another station, you must do the following:
  • If you depart at a station other than your destination then you should get a free exit ticket from the Customer Care operator and show them your old QR-based Paper Ticket.
  • If you depart at a station other than your destination, you have to pay an additional price which will be equal to the difference in fare. The Customer Care representative will provide you with an exit ticket while keeping your QR-based Paper Ticket.
  • A phone picture or duplicate of a QR-based Paper Ticket is not permitted. If you do this, you will be regarded to have no valid ticket and will be penalized in accordance with DMRC guidelines.

DMRC is issuing QR-based Paper Tickets station-by-station, that is, from one station to another. According to DMRC, tokens will ultimately be phased out of these transparent, cashless, and automated systems. 

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