Are You Eating Eggs Correctly? Unlike Others

Eating eggs for breakfast is one of the healthiest habits that is part of your daily life. Having one egg every day in any form like poached or scrambled provides you with 13 essential nutrients and vitamins.

But it is a very common practice to discard egg yolks and eat just egg whites. People think that egg yolks are filled with unhealthy cholesterol. This is popular among folks that are fitness enthusiasts and tend to believe everything they hear at gym and parks.

To be honest if you are doing that, you are throwing half the nutrients that your super food has to offer.

Crazy! Right?

Let’s hook you up with something that you will keep with yourself forever.

What Egg Yolks Have?

It is egg yolk that contains most of the nutrients, whites contain very minimal amount of nutrients. A whole egg contains Vitamin A,E,K,D and B. They are also packed with iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and folate. These nutrients are distributed in a mixed pattern between yolk and whites. Therefore it is important to eat whole eggs. Egg whites are mostly rich in proteins.

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Why It’s Stupid To Discard Yolks?

People mainly discard egg yolk because it is rich in fat and cholesterol. But if you consume eggs in a controlled portion and work out regularly it should not concern you. Whether you are trying to build muscles or lose some weight you need good fat in your diet. Cholesterol increases energy levels that help in building muscles. It also helps the body to synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sun.

To conclude this we can say that it is not wrong to have controlled amount of fats and cholesterol in your diet. To be fair it has essential purpose. What you can jolt down is fat that you get from fried food.

Stop discarding yolks and start eating eggs properly.

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