How to Check SBI Statement Offline?

India, so far, has developed cellular technology to 5G but some regions are still deprived of healthy network connectivity. Hence, the users living in those areas face unstable connectivity and slow to no internet availability. So, in this case, if you are an SBI account holder and want to check your bank account details instantly, you will not be able to do so via online methods. But, don’t worry SBI allows its users to check account balances and mini statements with an offline method.

How to Check SBI Statement Offline

Check SBI Statement Offline With Quick Missed Call Service

The State Bank of India or SBI allows users to check their mini statement and account balance offline via quick missed call service. Users will receive a message carrying all the info they want so that they do not have to visit the bank branch for every small task. But before using it first you will have to register for it.

Steps to Register for SBI Quick Missed Call Banking Service

This is a one-time process that is very easy to set up. Follow these steps:

  • “From the mobile number registered with the bank for a particular account, send an SMS with the text “REG” to 09223488888. For instance, if your account number is 9999999999, you should send the message “REG 9999999999”.”
  • “Once the SMS is sent, you will receive a confirmation message from the bank.”

Steps to Check SBI Account Balance and Mini Statement Offline

Follow these steps:

  • “To check your account balance, give a missed call or send an SMS with the text “BAL” to 09223766666 from the registered mobile number.”
  • “To get a mini statement of your last transaction, give a missed call or send an SMS with the text “MSTMT” to 9223866666 from the registered mobile number.”

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Benefits of Checking Your Bank Account Statement Periodically:

  • To verify the very last few transactions to avoid financial confusion.
  • Regular statement check allows you to check bank-levied charges.
  • Spotting and avoiding fraudulent transactions becomes easy.
  • To keep track of your expenses.
  • You can spot idle funds on monthly basis to invest somewhere for a wealthy future.

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