Man Swaps His Girlfriend’s Bikini With One That Dissolves In Water, And Netizens Have 2 Theories About It

Relationships are more fun with people choosing to spice them up with pranks and the internet is loaded with such fun couple prank videos.

However, keeping all of them aside here is one with something that you must have never seen before – dissolving bikini (only if that is a thing).

Julius Dein and his girlfriend Estelle were enjoying their holiday at a beach and Estelle had bought a new bikini from the Internet. However, little did she know that her boyfriend had ‘swapped’ it with the one that dissolves in water. And what happened next is pure fun.

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Julis explains in his video how the bikini would dissolve as she would enter the water and so it does (not really). Thereafter, Estelle is all confused as to where did her bikini go.

While many people praised the video, some saw something fishy.

A couple of people said that they obviously “saw the clip jump from one to the other……nice try…. and if a woman had bought a bikini, I’m sure she would have noticed it wasn’t the same one.”

Someone commented, “There was a clear jump in the video right before she started calling his name when she “noticed” the bikini was missing.” Yet another added, “You can see the yellow bikini under the towel.”

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You are free to decide if the video was real or fake but altogether, their acting was fun to watch.

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