Why Should You Link Rupay Credit Cards to UPI? Read these 6 Points

UPI, or Unified Payments Interface, is one of the major successes launched by the Government for smooth cashless transactions. People are executing billions of transactions monthly, and the majority of them are small valued. Nobody would have guessed the success of this level, which has encouraged other countries across the globe to adapt our UPI payment system. So far, India has shared its UPI technology with France, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and others.

Now, there is a new feature of UPI that allows linking with UPI credit cards. For now, if you pay through UPI, the amount will be deducted from your bank accounts. But with this facility, the money will be deducted from your Rupay Credit Card limit. This is a very convenient feature for Credit Card enthusiasts.

However, if you have a Rupay Credit Card and are still not sure that you should link it with any UPI-powered app, then reading the following reasons might help.

Why Should You Link Rupay Credit Cards to UPI

1. Simple and Easy to Use

Linking UPI with credit cards makes paying easy. You can handle all your money stuff—bills, online shopping, and transfers—using one app. No more jumping around different apps; it’s all smooth and simple in UPI.

2. Quick Transfers

Using UPI with credit cards is like having a fast pass for payments. You can instantly pay with your credit card, perfect for emergencies or quick transactions.

3. High Security

When you link UPI with credit cards, it’s like adding extra layers of security. You’ve got two-factor checks, biometric verification, and a secret PIN. Plus, there’s a superhero-level fraud detector to keep your transactions safe from any trickery.

4. Pre-Approved Offers

Credit cards offer a spending limit, and when you blend UPI with them, it’s like having extra spending power. You can use that credit while paying through UPI, adding a flexible touch to how you manage your money.

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5. EMI Transactions

Credit cards offer a neat trick—you can turn big purchases into smaller monthly payments, known as EMIs. Now, if you link UPI with credit cards, you can easily convert eligible UPI transactions into EMIs. It’s like having a handy way to manage larger expenses comfortably over time. Plus, credit cards let you pay off what you owe in smaller parts, giving you even more flexibility.

6. Rewards and Cashback Offers

Credit cards often give you rewards and cashback for your purchases. Now, if you link UPI with credit cards, you still get those benefits when you use UPI for payments. It’s like having a bonus every time you pay, making credit cards a cool choice for saving money and earning rewards at the same time.

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