Guide To Understand The Tax Advantages of Basic Salary Components

Reducing your taxes can increase your discretionary income. It is crucial to comprehend the various components of compensation to save more on income taxes. The blog provides an explanation of the fundamental wage components here, which will assist you in navigating efficient tax savings schemes.

Basic Components Of Salary

Basic Salary

The company pays a fixed monthly income that consists of Basic pay and house rent Allowance (HRA), and 12% of your basic pay is deposited into the Provident Fund (PF).

HRA (House Rent Allowance)

As long as you turn in rent receipts, you can claim tax advantages on rent paid if you receive HRA. You may save money by registering the property in your parents’ name, signing a rental agreement, and paying them rent—even if you don’t live there. But this is something that your parents must include in their income tax filings.

Medical Allowance

Certain firms provide Medical Reimbursement, which may be claimed by presenting medical invoices. This sum is applicable for each financial year and is added to your taxable income if bills are not filed.

Conveyance Allowance

This is a reimbursement that can be used to cover transportation costs, gasoline bills, or taxi receipts for work-related travel expenses.

LTA (Leave Travel Allowance)

Only their spouse, kids, and parents are eligible for LTA, which is something that very few companies give to salaried staff for trips within India. To be excluded, bills have to be sent to the employer.

Special Allowance

The portion of your pay that remains after basic, HRA, LTA, and transport allowances is known as your special allowance. It increases your taxable income and is taxed.

Bonus or Variable

The variable or bonus, which is paid as a performance incentive once or twice a year, is fully taxed.

Contribution to PF (Provident Fund)

A monthly contribution of 12% of the base pay is made to the Employee’s Pension Fund and Provident Fund by both the company and the employee.

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